Message From The Dean


Dr. Simon N. Mwendia Ph.D.,

Dean School Of Technology

Welcome to the School of Technology!

The home to more than 5000 undergraduate and 200 postgraduate students  that pursue various information technology related programmes. Our faculty is a team of committed and dedicated  scholars whose teaching and research extends the boundaries of our knowledge and imagination.

The school of Technology plays a pivotal role in KCA University’s continuing trajectory of academic excellence. The school provides a world class education to both graduate and undergraduate students by partnering with other industry partners like Safaricom PLC ( and European universities including the University of Stavanger in Norway (

Our students and faculty pursue knowledge in Information Systems/Technology,Information Security & Forensics,Software development, Data Science and artificial Intelligence fields. Upon completion of studies, some of our graduates go on to work in reputable organizations across all sectors while others initiate their ICT companies such as the following:

Our vision is to be an innovation driven globally competitive technology school promoting integrity, diversity and teamwork. In order to realize this vision, our mission  is to be a creative technology school training employable and market driven graduates for sustainable economic development.

On behalf of the School of Technology, I welcome you who are interested in expanding your knowledge and enriching your careers to explore our school further either online or through a visit to campus. I hope that you will join our KCA University intellectual community of learners.